Did You Know?

  • All breeds, sizes and colors of pets are available at one rescue or another.  Even purebreds!  Petfinder.com is a good place to start when researching getting a new pet.  Rescue gives animals a new lease on life.
  • In order to breed, a Georgia Department of Agriculture license is required.  Unless you are serious about a specific breed or bloodline, random breeding causes pet overpopulation.
  • Feral cat populations are widespread.  They create a problem for other animals as well as humans.  Numbers multiply quickly unless controlled.  Rather than continue to feed the wild cats, the best solution would be to set humane traps.  The animals can then be spayed/neutered and released.
  • There are also groups of “wild” dogs that roam residential areas.  They are a public nuisance and are a danger to humans as well as pets.  Traveling in packs, they are much like other wild animals.  These dogs are known to be vicious and carry diseases (most notably rabies).  If seen, animal control officers should be alerted so that they can pick up the dogs and get them off the streets